All students who have university exam become much excited and anxious about their future. They want to live in qualified conditions without any problem. If they want do to this, they must choose their department carefully in the university against possible dangers. Choosing wrong department makes students tired and causes lack of self-confidence in them. From this reason, students and their family must come together and decide the most sensible faculty and department for their life.

While deciding their university department, teenager should take care of some real factors like their interests/domains in daily life, their abilities and knowledges about the department what they search, the money they can earn in a month/year and possibilities about going abroad and find job in there. Avoiding underestimate these details is literally useful for them.


One of the most important criteria is the harmony of the teeanager’s interests, characters and their department. All students need to discover their characteristic features and behaviours in struggling events and situations. If someone make wrong decisions and have a difficulty with hard situations, this person must not choose tiring and difficult departments/jobs.

Habits and interest are another remarkable points about choosing department. A student may have different interests like literature, music or other arts. He/she can also gravitate to sports like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis or baseball to improve her/his physical skills and convert into much relaxed and happier. In this situation, the student should realize this pleasure and choose department abou art or sport. If not, this student don’t feel that he/she is peaceful and likes her/him department. It makes students much worse in terms of psychological facts.

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Second point is the ability and qualification about the department for all students. If students decide choosing a department, knows all details about his/her department and lessons and is his/her qualification enough for department; this student definitely must choose this department. So, he/she will become successful and peaceful in the future.

However, sometimes students may be insufficient for their department and lessons what they chose. To give an example, some of students can’t think mathematically and analyse difficult problems. Despite of this fact, student may want departments about engineering, architecture or mathematics. Result of this preference, student becomes unsuccessful and finish her/his university process. For this reason, discovering their abilities and information about their department ist very significant for all teenagers.


While preferring department, one of the fact that student must consider is the amount of money from this job. If the potential money is enough to live in good conditions and do what they want, students become much willing to choose that department and job. Then, they start to earn much money, become much happier and work intensively.

If the salary of company which students study is low, students know they will have difficulties with living in good conditions in this job even if their abilities and characters are suitable fort his job. So, they don’t prefer these department. All students must remember that earning lots of money is a necessity in today.

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The final factor that effects the preference of students is job opportunities in another countries. Many people want to establish new relationships with lots of people and recognize variable cultures from different countries and cities. If students choose a department and university which provides these international relationship and job opportunities in broad, he/she can learn incredibly lots of points, people and cultural facts.

Unless the student choose a good department and high school about abroad facilities, he/she can’t gain a new vision, struggles in contacting with foreign people and can’t recognize the culture of different countries.

If any student obey these four rules, he/she don’t face with economic, cultural and psychological issues during his/her university period and business life. Salary which given by company, facilities in abroad, student’s interests/character and student’s abilities can be summarized as critical factors in preferring department in high school.

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